Weekday Headway Report

Headway Report is a production of The Big Board, a small NYC transit news site. The objective of this investigate project is to shine a light on whether or not the New York City Subway is running according to its assigned schedule, and to gauge how much extra time is being added to commutes.

You can read the investigate story based on the data available here.

This project was produced by using the M.T.A's GTFS scheduled data, as well as its archive GTFS-RT real-time data. All scheduled, and real-time trains, respectively, were summed for every weekday in January, and were then used to calculate averages. Weekdays were used as service typically follows a more strict schedule, and there are less planned work incidents. Please note that the 7 train is not included in this visualization, since its real-time data feed only became available near the end of January.

This project is not endorsed or supported by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Please note that all efforts are being made to show the data as provided. Some data files return errors while being parsed, and are thus not included.